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Managed Services Offerings

Maximize the return on your industrial investments with our dedicated team of domain experts. 7 min.

Increase Equipment Availability

Increase availability in your plant and uncover process gaps using a team with decades of asset strategy experience. 1 minute

APM Service Principles

Drive a world class Asset Management program with the right experience, the right processes and the right tools. 6 minutes

Enable Preventative Maintenance

Move from reactive to predictive maintenance and better understand your asset risks working with the IMS an experienced team. 1 minute

Determine Total Cost of Ownership

Reach strategy excellence and understand total cost of ownership by synthesizing all data in one place and applying domain experience. 1 minute

Visiting an IMS Center

Experience the expertise and processes ready to help you by visiting an IMS Center soon. 3 minutes

Meeting Industrial Challenges

Understanding and meeting key industrial challenges can unlock new asset performance levels. 2 minutes

APM Solution Sets

GE’s multifaceted APM solution and services includes data visibility and analytics to drive key work processes. 1 minute

Continuous Improvement with APM

In line with Lean thinking and ISO standards, APM Services drive a holistic continuous improvement cycle. 1 minute

Your APM Destination

APM Services partner with you to maximize potential, to embed best practices and to drive key actions. 1 minute

Managed Services Subscription Levels

Find the best subscription level to accelerate your digital transformation.3 min.

Managed Services Subscription Activities

Discover how we can help increase your digital effectiveness with our Subscription Activities. 4 min.

Deep industrial and technical expertise

Start, scale, and sustain digital transformation

In order for digital transformation to succeed, industrial organizations must first comprehend the right capabilities needed to start, scale, and sustain this conversion—including software implementation. This type of change management is complicated and can be challenging without the proper foundation to start with. At GE Digital, our Industrial Managed Services can take care of the whole process and guide you through it.

Right people, right process, right time

Industrial Managed Services team are experts, who work continuously and professionally to provide the best consulting services during post-implementation or project deployment. At Industrial Managed Services we can manage your digital industrial solutions in collaboration with you or take charge of the whole project for you, in addition, we will help you through the transition of your software to achieve full self-sufficiency. By leveraging Industrial Managed Services, we’ll help ensure that you train the right people and generate the right processes needed to highlight the value of your GE Digital solutions.

Remote management & diagnostics

At Industrial Managed Services we help you maintain your critical machines using model-based predictive maintenance technology, saving you time and effort. Discover our Remote Management & Diagnostics service and the software solution behind it. See how others in your industry are saving real money in real-time with Predix Asset Performance Management and Industrial Managed Services from GE Digital.

Benefits of APM Health

Remote Monitoring for IIoT powered by Digital Twin

View hundreds of real customer stories

Using our core Digital Twin Blueprint library, our Industrial Managed Services Team virtually monitors over 7000 managed assets around the world. Every day, Digital Twin blueprints monitor 250,000 tags in real-time, generating over 60 catches a week. These catches can range from recommending a $2000 sensor replacement, to preventing a $60 million plant failure.

Rapid Results with Inclusive Managed Services Offerings

Power Generation

The energy transition is changing operating methods and increasing cost pressure for traditional power generation plants, with equipment pushed to the limits of standard operating conditions. This new reality can originate asset performance and maintenance challenges. Advanced software, analytics, and experienced guidance can help but possibly be beyond the reach of some smaller operators and individual plants.

GE IMS inclusive outsourcing services for asset reliability, O&M strategy, and plant performance address this urgent need – without the necessity to purchase software or expand staffing. GE IMS experts increase and expand your digital capabilities and O&M staff, making it feasible and affordable for you to operate as a best-in-class leader.

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